Friday, June 25, 2010

The Noise Machine (06/25/10)


I don't know, sounds like a normal robbery to me.... Although I am sure that the attacker didn't like the victim, saying it was a "hate crime" is a reach. (That's the problem with hate-crime legislation, it makes it too easy to read something into a situation that has little factual support.)

Why should the Democratic party rely solely on the democratic process? C'mon guys, keep the two-step. (You know you want to)

The most-fun political story of the year keeps going and going and going. Next thing you know Republicans will be responsible for the ballots themselves and Democrats will call them illegal. (This is why I find elections humorous, but why I'm less inclined to vote these days. No matter which party wins we all lose.)

Bill White to the Dallas Morning News: "I'm mainstream AND fiscally conservative." you're not. (Fiscally conservative that is. He actually IS more in the mainstream than previous Democratic candidates for Goober. He still won't win, but hey.)

And finally.....

How bad is the down-ballot Democratic ticket? They're not even pretending to have any aspirations outside of Bill White's coattails. It's been funny watching supporters smile while being forced to eat the shite-on-a-shingle that is their down-ballot slate.

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