Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Noise Machine (06/27/10)

Political parties I don't want to attend....

For all of the (misguided) talk about "increasing our reliance on Community Colleges", the actions don't quite match-up. Never mind that pushing kids toward College that have no business being there is a bad idea in the first place. All revenue ideas aren't even being seriously considered.

We're all gonna DIE!!!!

ASCAP doesn't want you to share your photos. Shouldn't you have the choice to do that or not? (What this is really about is protecting the royalty system, as a growing number of musical acts are abandoning the tired, pathetic studio system.)

I found it to be terribly pessimistic of ChronBlog to disallow comments on their Pride images. Either that, or they realize that their "reader comment" section has become a fetid cesspool of the worst of Houston.

So...the Democrats are going to keep dancing in a way that's anti-democratic, support a rash of policy priorities that are unpopular and back a very, very weak and uninspiring State-wide ticket, and then they're going to blame Texans when they fail? If I were going to vote this year (As bad as the Democrats are, my Republican choices are worse) I'd have to sanitize my voting fingers afterwards. (How in the HELL did Texans let it get this bad?)

and finally...

The economy drops, and so does the amount of illegal immigrants. Given his track record, President Obama will probably call this a "success".

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  1. I think ChronBlog has a policy of disabling comments on stories/articles where there is a high likelihood of a large gathering of trolls (what is surprising is that they don't just disable them for anything related to the death penalty, politics, sports, religion, parenting, or Lisa Falkenberg.)

    I think they may also disable them after the fact if they find that an article has become a honey-pot for trolls (though I think that any reasonable, thinking person who is familiar with the tone of comments on CB could have figured out this one would draw a record crowd.)

    Oh, and ASCAP? They can bite me.



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