Monday, June 28, 2010

The Noise Machine (06/28/10)

Mondays are fun days......

We're all gonna DIE!!!!!

In order to save the Republic, we're going to break the private sector. This so the current levels of entitlements and expenditures can be maintained. (Of course, it will then create MORE demand for entitlements and expenditures which will call for MORE revenue which will mean HIGHER taxes which will result in MORE layoffs and closures and......ah screw it.)

Hey, Fiji & the Democratic Party have something in common.....they both hate Newscorp & would like to shut them down.

UH gets wind grant, soon to be laid-off deepwater engineers not holding breath for jobs. (Great news for UH, but I don't see jobs here in sufficient numbers to off-set the losses that are coming. Score one for the dippin' dots economy!

Republicans and statesmanship are like oil & water. Tell me again why we should vote for these idiots? (Let's face it, our government at all levels has become a comedy act with the marginally competent being held up as great public servants. If they're the court jesters then we are the fools.)

Again the Democratic party looks for ways to avoid democratic solutions. Appointments are far more reliable than the American public after all.

Ironic that the Tea Party movement was sparked by the MSM, which they can't stand is it not?

My yard sign is more moral than yours. The San-Antonio version.

and finally....

The family that glows together grows together. (OK, I'm kidding. Texas needs more nuclear reactors for power generation but, since that plan will work, there are many who are against it. C'est la vie.)

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