Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cry Havoc!

And unleash the (blockquoting) dogs of (nonsensical) war!!!!!

Step One: Create and submit the plan

Step Two: Start the PR campaign by recruiting the InterLeft (see above) and here who are typically reliable house organs for big, public expenditure programs.

From that perspective the engineers from Renew Houston are following the "How to get something passed" in rather liberal Houston to a tee. Smart guys. Having a successful program in Houston means that you have to have certain liberal groups behind you. First the progressives, then the black pastors, then LULAC. Organizing those three factions behind an idea pretty much guarantees there won't be sufficient support (no well how well-funded it might be) to form a winning coalition. The trick is crafting a plan that provides sufficient incentives for the latter two groups to join in. Be it pledges of minority participation targets or promises of infrastructure in certain neighborhoods (or, cash payments and consulting jobs, let's not kid ourselves here) support can be had.

As for HCA?

Well, our staff of one doesn't live inside Houston City limits so the official position is: Who gives a damn? Let Houston do what Houston wants to do, just keep the debate interesting and the humor potential high thank you.


Houston Strategies (A serious resource)

Texas Liberal (A not-so-serious resource, but funny as hell)

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