Saturday, July 10, 2010

Every time...

...there is a story about a bad Pit Bull you can be assured that this will appear in the story somewhere.

(Officer kills 2 dogs charging at him, officials say, Shaminder Dulai, ChronBlog)
She last saw Vida, a 3-year-old female; Tyson, 2; and Rocky, 8 months, running around in the backyard at noon. Heavy showers had flooded portions of the backyard and late Thursday night the family had taken the pets off their chains to let them move freely to higher ground, Ramirez said.

Chaining Pit Bulls is begging for trouble. It's very seldom bad dogs, but instead stupid owners. Because of the Ramirez' idiocy two dogs are dead, one critically injured, and the "breed ban" morons will have another bullet in their gun.

Make it very difficult for stupid people to own Bully breeds and you'll virtually eliminate vicious dog attacks overnight.

Without having to resort to the continued slaughter of innocent dogs.

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