Sunday, July 11, 2010

Straight Shooter

From R.G. Ratcliffe's Thursday article in Chronblog.:
"I'll tell you what I like about Bill White. He shot straight."

From Michael Graczyk's Sunday AP article appearing in ChronBlog:
...the former three-term Houston mayor and energy executive who promises to "shoot straight with people."

From Bill White's campaign blog:
When asked in March why people in West Texas should vote for him in November, White said he is the kind of straight shooter West Texans appreciate. He also points to his strong belief in private property rights and limits on eminent domain.

"People in West Texas understand that and respect those who shoot straight and don't try to manipulate them," White said.

I'm sure White's people are happy to see the media launch on that that meme...rather than this one from the same Graczyk article:
Some find the session, marked by long-winded questions about charter schools, immigration and financial disclosures, equally long on rhetoric from White and short on specifics.

"A whole lot of nothing," said a disappointed Laura Contreras, 20, a college student who voted for Barack Obama two years ago.

My guess is you won't be seeing the "whole lot of nothing" show up in many campaign pieces, nor in the pieces that are authored by ChronBlog staffers, and NOT by Graczyk of the AP, who's been offering up some of the best Goober race reporting out of all the news agencies. It's too bad that the AP's balanced pieces are often replaced by ChronBlog pieces without notice (or change of the IP address).

If that happens this time, you can find Yahoo! News' version of Graczyk's piece here.


  1. Kinda funny that they would use that idiom given that Bill White was a member of Bloomberg's "mayors against illegal guns" group that wants to ban all privately owned guns. His membership mysteriously vanished and was expunged from the website right about the time he started making noises about running against KBH for the Senate....

  2. When it comes to "straight shooter", Bill White is going to have a hard time one-upping Rick Perry, who already has *one* coyote under his belt.

    Maybe for the ItL crowd, Hizzoner can arrange to do really, really well in a game of... bowling? Of course, that probably won't play so well in West Texas...



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