Saturday, July 31, 2010

How about some truth in the current debate?*

Some dishonest statements that need to have rebuttals.

1. America is NOT "addicted to oil". - Yes, we have an economy that's based on petroleum products, but I've seen no signs to suggest that we'd stick with it should a cheaper, more reliable product come along. Addiction means that we can't break ourselves from something when presented with a better solution. That's hardly the case here.

2. The way to cure our economy is to kill it. - The fact is, and no one on the Left wants to admit it, the oil & gas industry offers good jobs to Americans that they will not be able to find anywhere else. Until there's a viable replacement, the idea that damaging an industry that gainfully employs hundreds of thousands of Americans is a good idea rings false.

3. The new off-shore bill will INCREASE our reliance on foreign oil. - Anyone who says otherwise is lying. With no viable energy alternative on the horizon for 20 years minimum the only way to keep people from running out of energy will be to import it. Either that or raise the price of oil so high that the industry has to be nationalized.

4. The Recovery is stalling, and the stimulus failed. - The phrase "priming the pump" means, by definition, that after the priming the flow of water begins unaided. This hasn't happened here. The problem with the stimulus was that it wasn't, be design, very stimulative. The government could have done some good, job creating needed work by focusing on infrastructure work, bridges and roads. Instead they used taxpayer money to pay off the automobile unions, and the still non-existent green energy crew.

5. It's too early to tell is the auto bailout was a success. - When you consider that Ford, who refused bailout money, is the best performing of the Detroit three, that Chrysler is owned by the Italians (and still hasn't done much in the way of product development) and GM is still trying to figure it out, all these Billions could have done is to forestall the inevitable.

6. The Volt, is crap. - Toyota, Nissan and Honda already have eco-cars that are cheaper, more reliable, and have a better range. Ford is deciding to head down the fuel-efficiency road, a road that makes a lot more sense, and will pollute a lot less, than energy taken from coal-fired plants funneled into a car whose sole purpose is to give the bourgeois warm fuzzies.

7. The Left is out of ideas. - Hamstrung as they are by a fear of the private market, aversions to tax cuts for people with money to spend and a loathing of wealth-creating industries, they're done. Anything that they are offering now is just election-year clap-trap with little hope of payoff.

8. Paul Ryan's plan is a good one, but Republicans don't have the strength of will to fight for it. - Which is why we're stuck with Progressive plans that are short-sighted and bereft of any connection with current reality. The fact is, Republicans are worse than Democrats right now in that they're the Democrats of the aughts. They're running against something instead of standing for something. They're also letting Obama and co. define them as the "one's who got us into this mess". That's an untruth. This mess was the making of both parties working together to pass decades of bad legislation.

9. The truth is: both parties have sucked, for quite a long time. The swamp of Republican corruption that Nancy Pelosi promised to drain has been immediately re-filled by the stench of her own parties' filth. We're a country that has allowed ourselves to be governed by society's least common denominator. And then we look to the people who created this mess for solutions.

10. The good news: They haven't outlawed free speech....yet.

*By truth we mean "truth" in the Politifarce sense of the word. Hey, it's good enough for most political pundits right?

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