Sunday, August 1, 2010

Time off is good. (UPDATED)

It's time for HCA to go on a long, long hiatus. Real life, football season, the paying job, the sorry state of ChronBlog, and a general weariness rejecting comments from anonymous idiots who aren't sharp enough to understand sarcasm have sucked my will to blog.

If, for some odd reason, you feel you need to know how I feel about things I'll still be updating my Diigo feed, and will be moving it to the top for easy reading. That will be like a daily "noise machine" but without a comment feature which means less work for me. If you're REALLY sick you can follow me over at 3CB where I'll be spending a lot of time writing about football and other sports that probably don't interest you.

Until then: You stay classy Harris County.

UPDATE: Fortunately, I've been 'reassigned' at work rather than "laid off", which means that irregular blogging, at least, might appear from time to time.

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