Tuesday, July 6, 2010

If a tree falls in the woods....

...is there a politician there to campaign on the issue?

That's the question political pundits are asking after the first few months of the Texas goober election has generated several tiny tempests in 100 miniature tea-pots. Yes, the Bloggers O' the Right and the InterLeft are having a field day, the politically charged are...well...politically charged.

The average voter? Meh.

Most of what you're seeing now is simple "fire up the base" stuff. Working to get the true-believers all lathered up so that they'll take away from their free time later in the year to knock on doors, stand in 102 degree heat and cheer for stump speeches, and generally do the grunt-work that campaigns need. In return for their efforts they get a nifty t-shirt emblazoned with the candidate's name and, maybe, free wi-fi if they're asked to live-blog an event. It's "my political activism is better than your political activism" in it's purest form. Funny as hell, provided you don't take it (or them) too seriously. Political activist' votes are a "sure thing" in elections. Perry's base of support wouldn't vote for Bill White if the latter brought out an Obama pinata and beat it to a pulp before every stump speech. Nor would they reconsider their support for Perry even IF all of White's attacks were true. The same things applies for White supporters.

None of this is really going to matter until the big TV buys start taking commercial time away from those two Sonic idiots. That's also when poll results will really start to matter, once the "undecided" tally drops into single digits.

Until that time, wake me when one of the candidates creates a video with demon sheep or flying candidate heads, THEN we have a political teapot worth watching.

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