Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Today's sign the Republic is crumbling....

I give you...UFO Lobbyists..

(For UFO lobbyist, the truth is out there, Erika Lovely, Politico)
Allen is among a small, persistent group of activists invested in “exopolitics” — the study of the social-political implications of human contact with extraterrestrials. Like many exopoliticos, Allen believes that Congress should disclose to the American public that the government is aware of the existence of other life forms — and that it needs to develop a game plan in case actual contact is made

Read more: Politico.com

Considering America is having difficulty getting the basics of governing our own planet these days I'm not too sure why people are all fired up about governing others.

Proof that, if you shake the tree of Democracy hard enough, all manner of nuts will fall onto the ground.

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