Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Will the last Republican please turn out the lights....

...and take the kettle off the fire?

As much trouble as I give the Bill White Texas Tribune and the Texas Democratic Party (well deserved I might add) there are some issues on which we agree. Immigration being one (at least in part) and the divisive nature of the Tea Party being the other.

Today's Trib article by Morgan Smith on the potential long-term issues the GOP could have by adoption of Tea Party platform planks not related to size-of-government (which is one area where I tend to agree with the Tea Party in theory, if not in detail) is a good one.

I'm still waiting for the party that realizes the key to immigration is to increase the amount of legal immigrants while decreasing the amount of those crossing the border illegally. Drop all of the white noise about "preserving culture" and "basic rights" and what you really get down to is a pessimist's debate about voting and power.

Go read the article.

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