Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Noise Machine (07/08/10)

Wow!!! Really?!?!

Now's the season where the party-bloggers of the InterLeft and Bloggers O' the Right implore you time and time again to give your hard-earned money to politicians who will get into office and not do much of anything good. Might I suggest you donate those funds to a place where they're needed. (Let the politicians self-finance if they want to be in office so badly. Charity > Government any day of the week.)

Insert ominous music here....BP is coming! BP is coming!

The Houston Zoo's Africa exhibit is almost open! That means rhinos will be making their return to Houston. Something that makes me very happy.

Diversity is beauty.

Kickbacks, part 1 (Also known as "which side of the bread the butter is on")

Shhhhhh....there could be a defense attorney sneaking around.

Could the Texas Farm Bureau endorse a Democrat for Goober? If they're still mad about the Trans-Texas Corridor you bet they could. (The next question is: Do they still have enough clout to matter?)

The only question here is: What the hell took them so long?

Is it me? Or is this story about Austin lobbying groups getting in a snit even inside baseball for those who revel in inside baseball? (Or, is it just a case where reporters can't help but write about their friends? Over-emphasizing the news value of a story that has limited appeal?)

And finally....

*sigh* A truly civilized State would have answered this question long ago.

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