Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Three more steps to a world-class Houston

One: I TOLD you this was going to be funny....

(Walmart Vs. The Heights: About What You'd Expect (Plus Annise Parker Weighs In), Chirstopher Patronella, Jr., Houston Press/Hair Balls)
"It's a place where I can walk to the store, get a fine cup of coffee not made by Starbucks, and find stores that carry everything from locally made crafts and clothing to quirky vintage furniture and recycled jewelry," Triplett said. "This is a part of Houston that doesn't have the feel of a suburban, generic, strip-mall wasteland. My fear is that if Walmart moved into this area it would pose major competition to all of these places I love so much and force them into extinction."
Heh. Read the comments for even more intellectual gymnastics from Houston's world-classiness class.

Two: Even funnier....

(There’s Nothing Between the 2520 Robinhood Condos and Hans’ Bier Haus Now Except Pounds of Rotting Flesh, Swamplot)
Did someone really dump 20 pounds of rotting meat in the private alley between the side wall of the 2520 Robinhood at Kirby Condos and the bar patio of Hans’ Bier Haus?
It should be noted that the condominiums were built way AFTER the Bier house, and people moved into said condos with the full knowledge that they were moving in next to a bar.

Three: Not funny "ha ha" but funny....

(Groups say Exxon's Baytown plant violates U.S. air laws, Ramit Plushnick-Masta of the AP via ChronBlog)
The largest U.S. oil refinery violated federal air pollution laws thousands of times during the last five years, releasing 10 million pounds of illegal pollution, including cancer-causing toxins, without facing proper fines or being forced to fix equipment, environmental groups claim.
Exxon's defense is that the releases did not violate their existing permits. If this is true then this is just one more step in the anti-business/jobs direction for the region.

One thing about living in Harris County: There's never any end to the line of people piling out of the clown car.

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