Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Noise Machine (07/27/10)

Much noise, not much of consequence....

ChronBlog finally catches up to a story that Texas Watchdog covered 7 days ago. Much like w/the Metro real estate contract issue they're falling further and further behind.

OK, we know she was a man. The way the law is written that's it right? Why all the drama? (Now, if you're saying the LAW should be changed.....)

Reading this attempt at Al Hoang journalism I'm reminded how much the world needs Slampo. L'il Red is in over her head w/this one. (It's not an issue that lends itself well to chest-thumping. There are people's homes at stake here, not just red lights after all)

Go read the headline to this story on Goober support by the border sheriffs and then go read the story. Last I checked 10(ten) was more than 8(eight). Terrible. (Or 15? There are 18 members of the organization, 15 sheriffs. So White slices the pie and claims a win, ignoring the whole? That'd be like him winning Harris County but losing the State-wide election and then claiming himself the winner right? Amateur hour.)

The second battle for the Alamo will be fought in the courtroom. (Appropriate for the current crop of Texans don't you think?)

Is there another journolist out there? You know, the conspiracy of lefty writers and academics that's not (really) a conspiracy? (Except that they conspired together to shape the news...details)

Then again, when the other side's got nothing why not create a conspiracy? Makes sense to me.

And finally....

All you need to rebut the dumb growth groups of Houston can be found here. When those who view themselves as intellectual superiors view their tastes and opinions to be more valid than Millions of others you have a recipe for disaster. (See: Houston, Modern. for more)

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  1. ** ChronBlog finally catches up to a story that Texas Watchdog covered 7 days ago. **

    Not quite sure which is worse -- that it took them a week to do this story and they couldn't bother to credit the org that broke the story, OR that they had an extra week to do someone else's story and they DID NOT ADVANCE THE STORY a bit.

    So horribly weak.


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