Thursday, July 29, 2010


Sure appears that way.

(It's official: Wal-Mart coming to Heights area, Mike Morris, ChronBlog)
Wal-Mart has placed 16 acres of land in the Washington Avenue corridor under contract, company spokeswoman Kellie Duhr confirmed Thursday. The deal comes two days after concerned Heights-area residents voiced their opposition to the project to the Houston City Council.
Deeper in the article (go read the whole thing) it's hinted that there's little the City wants, or can do to stop this. The last remaining voices of opposition are spending most of their time pretending they're not elitist while spouting all of the elitist buzz-words that have made this entire situation such fun.

Obviously Wal-Mart understands this truth: Despite all of the protesting, people in the area are still going to shop there, probably even many of the same folks who signed the Facebook "petition".

They'll never admit it of course....don't want to be around "those" people amongst polite company.

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