Friday, July 30, 2010


Newspapers used to do it...

(Several former supporters of Hutchison are backing White in Texas governor's race, Dave Montgomery, Fort Worth Star-Telegram)
John Adams, former chairman and CEO of Chase Bank of Texas, said the majority of the signers are moderate Republicans like himself. But he said some are independents who have supported both Democrats and Republicans.

Bloggers are doing it more and more often...

(The 'moderate Republican' Dallas businessmen for Bill White...are Democrats, Evan Rick Perry vs. The World)
Despite John Adams' spin, these "moderate Republicans" are actually not moderate Republicans. If they are, they are a very strange breed of moderate Republican that likes to give lots of money to Democrats.

In short, Bill White has the support of some Democrats who are Dallas businessmen. How exactly does that help him reach into conservative business circles and cross party lines?
This research is something Evan did in one morning, certainly something that a reporter should have thought to do before regurgitating a campaign's press release?

Montgomery's defense will be that he did not say Bill White's supporters were Moderate Republicans, that was a quote. The problem is, when examined with just a touch of research, that quote is found to be false and misleading.

So far the best election coverage is emerging from political blogs, and the Dallas Morning News, who has at least been bipartisan in their reports that have caused candidates discomfort.

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