Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blog Fight!!!!!!

First, it was Tea Party blogger Big Jolly taking a couple of shots at the local InterLeft for their (accused)fast and loose interpretation of the "facts" in the matter of Leo Vasquez vs. Houston Votes.

Then you have one of the more out there members of the InterLeft taking passive-aggressive shots at BigJolly.

Then, in the comments to said post you have this jewel from local member of the InterLeft, Perry Dorrell:
A much calmer response to Jennings than I plan to post. Kudos to your temperament.
To all of this we here at HCA say:

Oh please, let's make this just as much fun as possible. We can't wait for Perry's profanity-laced, factually-challenged response that sends the InterLeft into a tizzy. Nor can we wait for the inevitable *appalled* response from the Blogger's O' the Right.

Time to watch the show.

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