Sunday, September 12, 2010

CAF wants their $330 Million....

...and they're willing to have Metro ask again to get it.

(Rail car issue not yet settled, Mike Snyder, ChronBlog)
The company holding Metro rail car contracts valued at $330 million said Sunday that millions of taxpayer dollars could be wasted and as many as to 100 Houston jobs lost if the transit agency complies with a federal mandate to cancel the deal.
Actually, if Metro doesn't comply with the FTA they will lose a $900 Million grant that they were in line to get before the Buy America issues surfaced. In effect, what CAF is asking is that Metro work to keep them in the money while sabotaging the entire system.

Were Frank Wilson still in charge I'd rank this as a possible option. With all of the public attention paid to Metro of late I'd have to think this isn't happening.

Still amazed that no-one has done a cost analysis on how much this Wilson designed mess is going to cost taxpayers. Amazingly, The Apple Dumpling Gang doesn't seem to think a Root Cause Analysis on potentially Millions of Dollars of wasted taxpayer money is worth while.

If Houston had a real newspaper in town we'd already know this.



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