Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Noise Machine (09/08/10)

Left, right's still a shoe....

Tomball votes down an ordinance curiously similar to the Farmer's Branch ordinance that's currently waiting appeal after being declared Un-Constitutional. If you saw the snippets of the citizen feedback last night, the arguments FOR passage were as weak as the arguments AGAINST passage. (My theory is that we'll never solve the immigration issue until we come to grips with why there's a demand for their (cheap) services in the first place.)

I give you the political understatement of the current election: Chavez-Thompson has uphill fight against Dewhurst. Uphill like a wall. (When you're best path to victory is to lie low and ride the coattails of Bill White to victory.....)

Good Politico piece on the blame game that's sure to follow the November elections, regardless of who wins. (Local question: IF Democrats take a drubbing in November in Texas {which looks likely} does Matt Angle's leadership of the Party come under fire?)

Pity the poor Bill White Texas Tribune. When you're almost 100% backed by Democratic money and Democratic pet projects are collapsing before your eyes, it's hard work setting the narrative. (I'm sure the vision of John Thornton, when he funded this project, was that a better job of narrative setting could be accomplished. "Hole in the media" rhetoric notwithstanding.)

And finally....

Evan, of Rick Perry vs. World punches some holes in the recent polls that have led some shops to breathlessly declare "the Goober race is TIED!!!" (As I stated before, the polls released raise some questions, but they don't provide the answers that the media is suggesting they might.)

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