Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Noise Machine (09/09/10)

Better late than never.....

Want fun? Skip Houston. This is assuredly going to send the "World Classiness" crowd into an uproar. (The question that still isn't answered is this: "What's so bad about just being a City where business gets done?")

This is why Houston can never have anything nice.

Try and try again, That's his motto. (Well...that and "Mexican go HOME!")

If an ethics complaint is filed against Gordan Quan, does anyone really care? Judging by Judge Emmett's response....the answer is no. (One person who seems to care is ChronBlog reporter Chris Moran, who takes the unusual {some would say political} step of writing a follow up blog post to ensure readers understand that Quan's consultant feels the complaint is without merit. Despite the fact that the merit of said complaint has not been ruled upon. {the initial rejection only commented on the complaint format, not the accusations})

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Frank "Procurement Disaster" Wilson in all his glory.

That's right....more polls....this time it's a Democratic shop showing Perry w/a 6pt lead. Go figure.

I'm no fan of the Texas Enterprise Fund, but I'm also no fan of partisan political groups not being identified as such by the denizens of the MSM. Identification shouldn't be this hard. (And hiding behind "non-partisan" is a cop out.)

and finally....

The World Classiness crowd is going to blow a gasket over this one.

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