Thursday, September 9, 2010

So much for the TTC as an issue....

Bill White's one argument against Perry on the TTC is now toast.....

(Bill White's former Houston Metro in hot water with the feds, Wyane Slater, Dallas Morning News)
Sound familiar? A chief executive appoints a political loyalist to head a transportation agency that contracts with a Spanish company only to find its project in trouble. Not Rick Perry and the Trans-Texas Corridor. It's Bill White and Houston Metro.
That pretty much leaves the economy, Gardasil & "Well...he's been there for a long time" as potential arrows in White's quiver.

The problem is, everyone who's going to vote for White because of those issues have already made up their minds to do so. White's growth potential is maxed out, unless he can dig up something new. Which leads to another problem....what could Perry possibly do that would cause those who are still voting for him to jump ship? There are fewer political independents in Texas then the MSM & pollsters are leading you to believe. Texas is a State of conservatives, and a growing bloc of progressives that are importing from other regions. When voters call themselves "independents" it really just means they're mad at the party with which they most closely identify*. It's as laughable as Dan Patrick's Independent Conservative Republicans of Texas. At the end of the day.....Dan's as establishment republican as it gets.

That's why I've always felt that Bill White never stood a snowball's chance of beating Perry, and why I still don't.

*Self included. Before I renounced Republicans I proudly considered myself one. Until the moral majority issues started to take front and center, before the collapse of good solid fiscal responsibility coupled with a lassiez faire attitude on social issues. In other words, somewhere before the election of George W. Bush as President (I did, however, vote for W for Governor, the only vote I've ever cast for him.)

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