Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Noise Machine (09/21/10)

Dry...it needs to be dry.

The next round in the matter of Jennings vs. The InterLeft. A little spat which spun-off the biggest over-reaction to what was essentially a throw-away one-liner I've seen in quite some time. UPDATED: And the response.

A bar next to a funeral home is quite possibly the most logical development idea in Houston we've seen in a while. (Now why aren't the uneconomicalsmart-growth, twenty-something (NOT) urban-planners backing this kind of deal? I'm guessing they're anti-beer.)

The way the media is carrying on about it, you'd think the lack of a Goober debate is the mouse that's going to bring the machinery of democracy to a grinding halt. (Fortunately, that won't happen. For one: As Big Jolly stated this is a Republic, not a Democracy, so it's more important to have those who do vote be informed, rather than have a whole bunch of people voting with limited information. Second: It's not like anything new ever comes out of these debates. Bad questions, moderators who don't, and the same damn soundbytes we've seen all along the campaign trail.) Given my druthers I'd rather watch campaign activists beat each other over the head with yard signs. (Of course, this year, White would dominate because Perry has eschewed yard signs.)

Speaking of yard signs.....Welcome to the party Bill White err...Texas Tribune. Nice of you to report the news from three months ago. Better late than never I guess.

At Over $96 Thousand per job it seems the Keynsian multiplier is dividing. (I know, I know...It's Rick Perry's fault.)

Imagine that: University think-tanks are saying that more money, students and resources need to be directed toward......Universities. Because if young Johnny or Jessica can't quote Plato, Texas is toast.

After all, These people have College degrees right? Yeah, more of that.

Jimmy Carter can't even clarify correctly.

In requesting Texans vote for you, it's probably not a good idea to call them sexist, racist and back-water. Yet, amazingly, that's the tack Jim Sharp has decided to take. (Here's a thought Jim, instead of the fault lying with Texas voters, maybe the error lies with Matt Angle selecting possibly the worst state-wide slate of candidates ever? Just a theory.)

Another national media outlet swings, and misses badly to encapsulate the Texas Goober race. Hey, at least they're trying.

The Texas Lege, ever-growing while accomplishing little. The phrase "all hat no cattle" comes to mind.

and finally.....

Have you been watching Mike McGuff on KIAH 39 News? Did you know 39 had a news broadcast? I watched last night. It was pretty good.


  1. ** I'm guessing they're anti-beer. **

    Inappropriate! Borderline libel!


  2. I wish David Jennings had the money to buy ads on KTRH that said what a terrible guy I am. " The Texas Liberal wants to take your guns and give them to criminals so they can rob your home." I'd hit back by buying billboards that said David Jennings was an alien here to steal our water. It would be great. All the world is a stage.

  3. "All the world is a stage"

    And you're all playing the roles with gusto.

  4. The level of detachment from the public taken as a whole is such, that at times it seems the stage is all that is left.


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