Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Noise Machine (09/29/10)

You should be outside today.....

Does the DGA & Steve Mostyn = the RGA and Bob Perry? And, if so, why aren't the local members of the InterLeft up in arms about it? (The HCA line on this is that, while legal, these end-around moves are ethically dodgy. For both parties. That said, campaigning is not known for it's ethics, provided what you do is legal.)

BigJolly on the "non-partisanship" of Houston Votes. Good stuff. (And a good example of why "ideological" journalism is not all that bad.)

Metro has their budget. And a new board member whose made a career out of jumping from one unelected position to another. (And so it goes)

Debate "lite" is coming soon. As newspapers and other MSM outlets ponder the horrifying future (for them) should Perry win despite giving them a total brush-off. (IF Perry wins, and every major newspaper editorial board endorses White as projected, what does that say about the relevance of Editorial boards? This could be a 'sea-change' election in Texas.)

Along those lines, another data point to consider.

Too many polls? Or, is the problem partisan pollsters who frame questions in a dishonest manner, apply dodgy screens to achieve the desired results, or people that just don't understand what it is the results are telling them? (My vote is for the latter two. More data is always a good thing. If you know what you're looking at even bad data can be instructive. If you don't know what you're looking at, make sure to consult those who do.)

Oh boy.....

Women voters "heart" Perry. Experts baffled. (Hint, it's the hair.)

Here's an idea: If you don't like something show up and vote against it. Just sayin'. (HCA is a little weary of people showing up after the fact, complaining about something that they didn't deem important enough to show up and cast a vote against in the first place. Certainly things happen, and HCA would never chastise a public official who had a real tragedy. In this case however, the Democratic board member left so that he could attend a political fund-raiser. Spare us the drama.)

In the matter of Flores vs. Edwards. This race is interesting because Chet Edwards is seemingly on his 9th political life. Written off for dead many times it appears that Flores is finally going to be the one who knocks him out of office.

And finally.....

For all the Tea Party talk of "taking back government" and Republican angst about "unethical Democrats" if these three representatives are re-elected then you can all just get down off your ethical high-horse and go back to doing what you do. If Hank Gilbert's legal woes disqualify him from your vote (and I believe they should) then these three should be disqualified as well.

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