Monday, October 18, 2010

Harris County Democrats sue King Street Patriots (UPDATED)

...offer up amateurish word document as proof of case.

I'm sure they have more than this, and they might even have a case, but if candidates 'attending' KSP events is grounds for a lawsuit then every church headed by a member of the Black Pastor's Association had better hold on to their pews....

Instead of going after King Street, what I think the HCDP is doing here is laying the groundwork for a series of legal challenges to the many races in which they are now expecting to come up short. The new Democratic plan (Post W vs. Gore) has been "sue, sue, sue" then the voters lean the opposite way and work hard to dissolve trust in the voting system.

I'm not sure just yet what the end game is here, but systemic attacks against our democratic system are not rare in history. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.


It's interesting to note that, on the same day the HCDP added KSP to their lawsuit the George Soros/Matt Angle backed Texans for Public Justice filed an ethics complaint against KSP based almost entirely on reporting found in another Colorado Model media outlet, The American Independent, which was then dutifully carried by another Colorado Model "news" outlet The Texas Tribune which conveniently forgot to disclose TPJ's funding ties to Texas Democratic king-maker Matt Angle.*

So we have several (allegedly) Democratic partisan groups suing and filing ethics complaints against an (allegedly) Republican partisan group for (allegedly) performing the exact same actions they're (allegedly) involved in.

*Thanks to Kevin Whited for helping me connect the dots on this issue

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