Monday, October 18, 2010

The Noise Machine (10/18/10)

Happy early voting day.....

ChronBlog's Peggy Fikac tries to dig at Perry for thinking voters don't care about the debate by using polling numbers that reveal around half of voters don't care about debates. It's sad to watch a fading institution try and preserve itself.

Another reminder to vote early if you're going to vote. With the shortage of voting machines etc. I'd suggest you go that way instead of trying to wait until Nov. 2.

It wasn't too long ago that Obama supporters were screeching that no oil and gas jobs were lost due to the moratorium. Whoops.

The underlying theme here being that most voters aren't paying attention. (You suck! Now vote for me.)

Strange we haven't seen the same news reporting for the DGA and Steve Mostyn. (I guess that's totally different while possibly being exactly the same?)

Ugly. Uglier. Bad losers?

BigJolly points out that the Apple Dumpling Gang isn't even trying any longer. I'm not surprised that they didn't interview many of the candidates, nor am I surprised that they were adversarial to half of them. (The era of the editorial board vetting candidates for voters has passed, better to shutter the entire mess and redeploy the assets to local reporting.)

The funny thing about our "gimmee" society is this: On the one hand we demand our elected officials be against something while, on the other hand, we demand they get more for us if it passes. That's untenable of course, long-run.

What is Jason Embry saying? That Texas Democrats can take control of the Lege? I haven't seen that projection anywhere, and if they really think it can happen.......

In case you haven't seen them before: Here are the Tribune interviews with Rick Perry and Bill White. Just watch them back to back and pretend they are debating.

And finally.....

Surprise, surprise, surprise. (That said, the Waco ed board is decidedly conservative, unlike other ed boards in Texas, so the thought of endorsing a progressive such as White was probably not pleasant to them. Perry always seems to be just a little bit better than his opponent to conservatives. Strange.)

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