Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekend Update (10/17/10)

No Playoffs for YOU!!!!

Bob Dunn takes a look at another downside of the Houston region's lack of investigative media. (Far better, in the eyes of Chronblog's editorial leadership, to run pictures of pub crawlers and bar hoppers)

The Dallas Morning-News and The San Antonio Express-News put a nifty little bow on top of the election year hissy-fit they've been throwing.

ChronBlog runs dual profiles of the two major candidates for Texas Goober. Perry's was negative in tone (the gist being that he has moved right over the years) while White's was just cloyingly bad. (Who really believes that he was thinking about energy policy at age 12?) All in all they're fitting capstones to ChronBlog's terrible election coverage this year.

Contrast that with this pretty good piece by the Bill White Texas Tribune's Ross Ramsey. Is it any wonder the Tribune, and other online news outlets, are winning the news race in Texas?

Alt media? Nope. The Austin Chronicle gets education wrong, forgetting that, even in anti-union Texas, most teacher's are still unionized. (Houston's alt-media is even worse)

Today's Meet the bureaucrat. Ugh.

Funny....the Party that gave us vote for US you stupid hicks is now informing us that their ballot opponents are stupid as well. It will be interesting to see how this "we're the only smart ones" voter wooing strategy plays out. (My guess is it will go over like a brick....but we'll see.)

And finally....

On the day before early voting begins ChronBlog does a good job representing the pro-Prop 1 argument, teaming this editorial from Mayor Parker with Rick Casey's (so far print only) column calling out the churches as a bunch of selfish, greedy idiots. What's notably missing was ANY word from the opposing camp. You know, journalism in the public interest instead of advocacy journalism. (Not that ChronBlog is anything more than an advocacy blog.)

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