Monday, October 4, 2010

The Noise Machine (10/04/10)

You spin me right round.......

It's amazing to me that there can be any controversy over a "no sex with clients" ethics clause, but there is. How Texas polices it's lawyers is bizarre.

Social media as campaign tool. Both campaigns have done a good job with this. I predict it will be even more prevalent in future campaigns. (Especially if Perry wins. Social media outreach is cheaper, and you don't have to worry about some disgruntled journo reject garbling your message.)

Texas is going to have to get serious about funding roads. Whether it be a gas tax or restoring the funds that the Lege has diverted to other pet projects, a failure to take this seriously is going to lead to disaster.

Maybe Bill White is being cautious regarding his attacks on Perry for appointing campaign donors to key positions because he did the same thing as Mayor of Houston? I've said this issue is one that the right candidate could use against Perry. (But Bill White is not that candidate.)

So, Texas gets $600 Million for Ike relief, much of it goes un-disbursed for two people are mad the Feds want their money back? Sorry folks, you had two years to file a claim....Two years. C'mon.

And finally.....

Stephan Segraves directs your attention to this study suggesting racial predatory loans drove the housing crisis. The study blames big finance, Stephan (rightly) notes that Fannie & Freddie played a large role as well. (As did poorly crafted legislation that rewarded firms for making bad loans.)

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