Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Noise Machine (10/06/10)

Mumble-something days out......

I'm Bill White, and I approved this message. It's going to be funny to watch the media, in the days leading up to the election, continue their meltdown as it appears Perry is going to win.....despite (because) giving them the brush off.

Say hello to Tupelo!!! And keep your fingers crossed.

I think this qualifies as a mess.

$4.2 Billion in political spending. Imagine if that money was given to charities to help the poor that candidates claim to be concerned about. (Instead of being doled out to political operatives.) Our political machines ARE the problem, not the solution. America wastes Billions annually electing politicians whose only expertise seems to be getting elected.

Trust no poll wielded by a politician. You'd probably do pretty good to be skeptical of one wielded by a journalist or Party blogger as well. (The key to understanding a poll lies deep in the details, where most politicians, journalists and party bloggers prefer you don't go.)

Sin taxes are always popular. Even more so in tough economic times.

The case of Cameron Todd Willingham takes another turn. At this point the process (and reporting) has gotten so political that the eventual result is going to be fairly meaningless. You'd think the integrity of our criminal justice system would go beyond'd be wrong.

Watching a dying institution lose control of the narrative is an ugly thing. In Texas, where the institution has been on life-support for a long time now, it's even uglier.

Pity the poor media, forced to take negative ads while at the same time encouraging their use with breathless stories about "COWARDS" and chicken suits. I can't help but think something along the lines of "reaping the whirlwind".

And finally.....

The Bill White Texas Tribune is STILL struggling with correctly identifying the funding behind Houston Votes. They do seem, however, to do a good job identifying the leanings of their conservative opponents. Funny how that works.

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