Tuesday, October 5, 2010

That's two....

Congratulations to Matt Glazer, GNI resources and the Bill White campaign, they fed a story to the local media.....and two outlets bit....

Houston Press Hair Balls: Bill White Takes Big Lead Over Perry (In Facebook), Richard Connelly
"Numbers don't have an agenda or ideology. Looking at the numbers, Bill White wins every metric. He has more fans, comments and likes," said Matt Glazer, a principal at the Austin-based company GNI Strategies. "The numbers show Bill White is outperforming Rick Perry, and numbers don't lie."

NBC 2 "On the beat": Facebook and the Texas Governor's Race, Mary Benton
The report, compiled by GNI Strategies, reveals that democratic candidate Bill White is winning the social media race: He has more fans than Rick Perry and those fans are contributing to the campaign:

For those not in the know, GNI is a Democratic firm that does *gasp* social media work for Democratic campaigns. Matt Glazer is a Democratic Blogger with ties to the Back to Basics PAC. Both GNI and Back to Basics are actively involved in campaigning for (and, in the case of GNI) have received money from*........The Bill White Campaign.

One thing all of these stories was lacking was anything resembling a non-affiliated voice about whether or not any of this matters. What Glazer is doing is promoting his own product. What wasn't mentioned is that poll after poll has his chosen Goober candidate lagging behind and losing ground, Facebook lead or no.

Note: They got Texas Tribune as well but at least they got the attribution part right, and spent time going over Glazer's ties to White.

Nice job of research and attribution you two. Keep up the good work.

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  1. What a bunch of crap on the part of GNI. They work for Bill White, they paid thousands of dollars on Facebook ads to get fans, and then they put out this "report" to justify their existence, basically, in future elections.


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