Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Noise Machine (10/05/10)

With some National noise this time.....

BigJolly on the curious silence of Keep Houston Safe. A group that he feels is working to "Keep Houston Silent" by trying to thwart the Democratic process. (He also has summaries of different red light camera studies & stories, for those of you who like that stuff.)

Perry by 14? In "Democratic" Dallas/Fort Worth? Wow. (Of more importance, to me, is the 56% favorable rating that Perry received (compared to 32% unfavorable -the Democratic Base in Texas). I was surprised it was that high. Taken either way these are bad numbers for White.

Bill White launches his big attack. My curiosity is how long it will take for Rick Perry to respond in kind?

Still more bad news for Jarvis Johnson. When you take aim at the big political machine in the area, you had better make sure you win......(And he didn't.)

The last stand of Chet Edwards? He's been down before, but never this far.

Texas' feet-dragging has cost us....And will continue to cost Ike victims....(And yes, that's a reflection on the bureaucracy set up by the current administration. Other States did better after all.)

Gallup's generic ballot is trending heavily GOP. There are some who say this matters and some who don't. I'm of the school that generic opinion can sway close elections among voters who don't have strong feelings toward a certain candidate one way or another.

Best description of this current Congress that I've seen to date. Courtesy of Eric Singer writing in IBD:
In 2008, rather than face the looming housing crisis, with the potential for a broad market crash that would shortly devastate a generation, Congress dropped everything to have an investigation into steroid use in baseball.
Go read the entire article.

Arthur Laffer reminds Billionaire's who are pushing for big tax cuts on the rest of us that they're perfectly welcome to write a check to the US Treasury if they feel they have too much money. They won't ever do that (because they understand that tax laws can be avoided) but they could were they as concerned as they pretend to be. (Instead of just shunting criticism knowing full well that the laws will be written in their favor and tax increases pushed down to the middle class.)

And finally.....

Twitter for dummies...I mean, politiicans...errr....party bloggers.....ah screw it, they're all one and the same.

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