Monday, October 4, 2010

Perry's cash on hand advantage....

Bill White: $2.75 Million cash on hand.

Rick Perry: $10 Million cash on hand.

Also, Rick Perry out-raised Bill White by around $3.5 Million dollars.

As people are just starting to pay attention to the race, White is running out of money? That's not good for him. Plus there's still the fact that he hasn't fully defined himself to the average Texas voter.

Advantage Perry.


ChronBlog spins for White..I especially found this part of the article by R.G. Ratcliffe to be very interesting:
White also received $500,000 from the Democratic Governors Association, whose list of contributors was not immediately available. The association also has been paying independently for television commercials critical of Perry.

Took them awhile to run down what Evan surmised around a week ago. If they were interested in doing anything other than keeping control of the narrative, they might have even tried to run down the source of those funds.

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