Friday, October 22, 2010

The Noise Machine (10/22/10)

All kinds of "-isms".....

Despite all of the voter intimidation hoo-rah it's important to note that early vote numbers are up across the board, even in the so-called "intimidated" areas of Harris County. (That's kind of a big deal. And a counterpoint to the 'voter suppression' charges by both sides.)

With that in mind: I give you a problem everyone should be concerned about. This issue has been around for a while and, to their credit, it was mainly a concern of the InterLeft. Both sides should be concerned about the lack of an audit trail in the current machines. (The good news is it sounds as if the technology is there, it just needs legislative action to happen.)

Hello ChronBlog, Welcome to SIX years ago.

Election shenanigans are sucking up most of the oxygen, but this story deserves your attention if for nothing else that I believe immigration is going to be the driving (dividing?) issue of the next couple of years.

People die, the lawyers get rich. It's good to be amongst the ruling class.

MetroRail is dying a slow-death of 1000 cuts. The humane thing to do would be to pull the plug, and start over with an actual regional mobility plan.

*GASP* You mean MOST people don't obsess over politics? Whua?

How bad could things be for the Democrats? Pretty bad.

Things you don't want to hear in an election year: Your preferred National Campaign Organization has taken out a sizable loan. Uh Oh.

The Trib interviews Sheriff Adrian Garcia uses most of the time to try and politic for Bill White. Cool.

David Porter is in the lead (and will probably win because of the "tidal wave" effect) but it's widely recognized that Jeff Weems is the most qualified candidate for Texas Railroad Commissioner. THIS, however is not what you want to see on your endorsement:
Victor Carrillo owns the best set of credentials of any Texas Railroad Commissioner in recent times, but he was defeated in the Republican primary.
Translation: Since those Republican dolts primaried out the best candidate, we give you option B. Yeesh.

A good defense of the Emerging Technology Fund even though I don't like it and view it to be just another form of corporate welfare that should be eliminated. (Sorry, got a little carried away there.)

And finally....

Why unserious entertainment organizations should stop trying to do "hard" news. The Press, at this point, would be better served posting party pics and doing TV reviews in an effort to increase page views. Their political reporting is borderline painful.

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