Friday, October 22, 2010

Three Things (Obama T-shirt edition)

(Obama T-Shirt serves as voting "dress code" reminder, Kevin Reece, KHOU)

1. It's amazing how many people are willfully ignorant of the law. To the point that they dispute it (for them) even after it's been read out loud.

2. I'm glad to see that Tea Party shirts are banned as well. Electioneering is electioneering no matter the ideology.

3. Good Gawd that was an ugly T-shirt. Were I to wear an Obama shirt I'd wear one of the Warhol looking ones or something.

My favorite line:
"That’s not going to roll with me. Is it going to roll with you?”
I don't know about you but "the law" typically rolls pretty OK with me. Obviously not for these two.

1 comment:

  1. I was surprised when the local FOX News folks "interviewed" their go-to lawyer guy this AM, and he said that "it was a legal stretch" to say that wearing an Obama T-Shirt into a polling place was a violation of the "no electioneering" laws, which would mean the poll worker was "intimidating" the voter.

    IANAL, but if I were put on the jury in such a case, it would be fairly clear to me. Even if the person were wearing a Tea Party or "I Like(d) Ike" T-shirt.



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