Saturday, October 2, 2010

Weekend Update (10/02/10)

It's Red River SHOOTOUT....that is all....

Big Jolly PRAISES a "top political blogger". This detante thing is starting to get out of hand.

More bad Metro news. Bill White's gift to the Perry campaign that keeps on giving.

This is just a working theory of mine....Whatever position County Commissioner Eversole takes...take the opposite position and you'll probably be OK.

Somegood news for Bill White. He has to be careful though, because it's always tricky when bad news for the voters is good news for you.

I'm Bill White, and I approved this message.

And finally......

How bad are the down-ballot Democratic Candidates? Bad enough that their supporters had to publicly chastise the Democrats for putting them on the ballot. Any wonder why White is trying to shed them like a down coat in August?

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