Saturday, October 30, 2010

Weekend Update (10/30/10)

OK, so I lied. The wife has to work on her birthday (blech!) so I've got some computer time.....

Perry's lead is widening. Which means that Bill White will start looking toward the 2012 Senate race that he's going to lose.

Again, Early voting from the Republican perspective. I haven't seen a Democratic overview such as this, but if you have one (or have made one) please put a link in the comments and I'll add it here. I'd love to present both side's take on the vote. Charles Kuffner does have some polling information however including some thoughts about them. (Guess which side is happy about things?)

UPDATE: Dr. Richard Murray provides an early voting review from the Democratic perspective. So, there you go.

When the election's over I'll say a little more about the Democrat's sub-par candidate slate. For now though: I give you Pete Olson's dream opponent.

It's sad this is needed but it's not a bad idea. (Civics classes in primary school being a historical object.)

An interesting look at Tea Party fundraising that doesn't follow the "a few rich donors" narrative that Colorado Model news-ish organizations and the InterLeft is pushing.

When one said appeals for common ground, you know the election is not going to turn out well for them.

Missing from this editorial on America's coming budget mess is the admission by the Apple Dumpling Gang that they loudly supported most of the spending that got us into this mess. (And still do) At least they wrote something different than a de-facto second endorsement of Bill White that smacks of desperation. Think the State's newspapers are gripping right about now?

And finally......

When the voters want X and you spend most of your campaign focusing on Y the odds are your message is not going to resonate with a majority. No matter how hard Colorado Model news-ish organizations try and drive the narrative. (The left-leaning media wants the public to care about green energy, soaking the rich, and expanding education spending (and, by extension, public sector unions) but the public just wants jobs, and to keep more of their paychecks in tougher times.)

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