Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Noise Machine (10/29/10)

The "3-star" early ChronBlog's Sunday edition on Saturday evening.*

Imagine this: Your kid goes to school in Katy ISD. You provide contact information in case of emergency to the district should something ever happen to the young 'uns. Then you start getting pro-KISD bond robo-calls on your cell-phone and at your work because the district gave out your private information. Apparently this was done in "response" to a public information request, which raises the point: Are parents' private emergency numbers public information? My vote is "no".

Dan, Dan the Tea Party man? The same guy who, in the beginning, was hostile toward the Tea Parties because they weren't "toe the line Republicans"? (For that matter, remember when Dan, Dan the Tea Party man positioned himself as an outsider?) Only to lose that status when being an insider was more beneficial politically.

I give you, the watchdog journalism Houston Media should be doing courtesy of Texas Watchdog: Renew Houston leaders made Millions from City of Houston. Instead of blind, un-curious cheerleading that is.

How do you know when a political ad is effective? When the other side goes bat guano crazy over it.

And finally......

The Houston Press Political Team: Now just one week behind TV news blogs!!! Go back to party pictures guys.

*Early post tonight and taking the rest of the weekend off to celebrate mine and my wife's birthdays. Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Happy Birthday to you two! Hope you have a GREAT weekend.

  2. Happy B-day to you and yours!

    Klein ISD PTO sells(!!!!) the information in a "student directory". Frankly I am appalled that they can and do do this.


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