Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Noise Machine (10/28/10)

The times, they are a changin'

ChronBlog discovers what many have said all along. The anti-incumbent meme is a fallacy. It's more like anti-party currently in power.

It's all for one and one for all when it comes to the City Ballot Propositions. (Since I reside outside of the City Limits I leave it to your conscience.)

There's too much money in politics. I could think of several better uses for $4 Billion dollars. You?

Heterophobia? Seems like it to me.

Insert "where sheep are nervous" joke here.

Fun with Campaign Finance Reports, courtesy of Matt Stiles at the Bill White Texas Tribune.

When political hacks use tech-speak the results are not pretty.

What's the deal with endangered Democratic candidates and bogus campaign claims. A PJ party is an S&M bondage party? (Alternatively, why all of the focus on bedroom and spiritual issues by the party who assures us personal lifestyle choices shouldn't matter?)

Let the Texas Goober post-mortems begin.

You know the election is getting less competitive when political signs are used by Colorado Model media organizations as content filler.

Of course Eddie Bernice Johnson's going to fight. Surprised?

The Texas Observer profiles A Black Tea Party candidate with a semi-straight face. I've been hard on Rapaport in the past but this was a fairly solid piece of journalism.

Another day, another ordinance. Up Next: A City ordinance regulating the sale of console TV's on Alternate Thursdays in Month's whose name contains the letter M.

BigJolly continues his look at Harris County Early Voting. One interesting note: The Democrat/Republican ratio is basically 1:1.

And finally.....

Step 1: Call Rick Perry a bunch of names using mild vulgarities. Step 2: Wail after losses on election day that Texas voters are a bunch of hicks. Step 3: Implode. Humorously. (We're well on our way)

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  1. RE: the "Green Vehicle Initiative". Actually this will allow for a new class of "public transport" - basically the "eco-shuttles" which can carry folks through areas like Downtown-Midtown etc. Having used one of these before (before the company was threatened with being shutdown by current city regulations), I am glad this one passed.



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