Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Take a Deep Breath America

Before all of this gets out of hand....

Fortunately, I guess, in the background it sounded like at least one Paul supporter (sorta) had a cool head, telling the stomper to stop. Thank goodness for that.

Locally we've seen party-bloggers calling for violence toward their political opposites so you wonder just how far we are from some group deciding they've had enough and a serious fight breaking out?

In lieu of that, here are some tips to remember courtesy of HCA:

1. Just because one of them is an idiot doesn't mean they all are. - Did you hear the guy telling the other guy to stop it? Yeah, that's what most people would do. Don't forget that.

2. Tune out the fringe - I'm not saying don't join a tea-party or don't get active with the Democratic Party, but when people start advocating violence or feel the need to use juvenile vulgarities when referencing the other party it's time to tell them to go to time out and re-evaluate where they are in life.

3. It's Politics - Really. No matter who wins we're all losers. American politics is like going to a carnival with a million barkers and no acts. All sound no substance.

4. There's always someone bigger. - Remember that, the next time you think you want to push down on that woman's head. She could have a husband or boyfriend or friend who's 6-2 250 and can beat the crap out of you.

Most nice. Life's too short to get angry over politics. Save it for the important things like your football team imploding.

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