Thursday, November 4, 2010


When the subject is Rick Perry, the nuts come out to play:

All excerpts from the comments (and are produced as-written with no editing):
TheAllKnowningOne wrote:
LOL at anyone that would vote for this man for POTUS or Governor. He talks about fiscal issues yet we're in the hole billions and billions. Whose to blame for that? The hypocrites called republicans.
This person must be constantly laughing, 'cause 55% did vote for Perry.
kalki wrote:
His big driving point to conservatives is going to be on the decent economy here in Texas, but that is not his credit to claim when the state is set up to rough out economic downturns better than other states and Perry wasn't responsible for that. Perry is going to be an easy target on immigration because he will scream against the Feds and rage about our porous border...when in all the time as Texas Governor, he has come up with zilch to deal with immigration. He will defend that by saying it is up to the Federal government to enforce immigration and they failed...but...this from the same mouth that believes that states should be allowed to control immigration. Perry can't have it both ways...immigration can't be up to the federal government to manage while he wants states to be able to do it. If someone confronts Perry on that, his tiny brain inside all that skunk hair will implode.
Yup, an easy target, so easy that Bill White, the smartest man in the room, constantly missed him. (So...what does that say about White?)

Cort wrote:
Did you see Perry's acceptance speech? The strange bouncing on the balls of his feet, the long pauses between statements, the slightly paranoid glances, quite possibly the most forced acknowledgment of a political spouse since Al kissed Tipper: Rick was high. How else do you explain it?

His genius is for making irresponsible statements that appeal to a tiny, lizardy part of voters' brains. Seceede! Close the borders! Small Government! Down with Washington! It all sounds good, but it's all completely ridiculous.
That one was probably my favorite.

Lest you think Republicans are immune:
Why doesn't someone grill our idiot-in-chief obaaaaaaaaaaama regarding the outrageous spending for his India trip? This hasn't been covered anywhere in MSM and heaven forbid the Houston Komical would cover such a story.
$200 million PER DAY for this idiot to take 3,000 people with him on a state visit. Guess he has to pay back his dumb0crat cronies and the union thugs who support him.
With the economy in shambles and over 15% actual unemployment, it's a travesty for obaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaama to spend this kind of money for basically a vacation. He should be impeached for this. All the dumb0crats who support this idiot should be ashamed of yourselves. Where is your outrage? If this would have been GW Bush, the dumb0crat controlled media would have been screaming at the top of their lungs.
I point these out to note that you should tune them out. If the height of your political discourse is "idiot" or intentional mis-spellings of the other party's name.......

Oh, and it's secede.

ADDED: One more, because it's too funny to pass up:
D: as long as the woman that didn't realize what the second amendment said lost, I didn't really care one way or the other. My views are entirely too divided to be classified under either red or blue. :)

Posted by: Jessica at November 4, 2010 08:18 AM
My only comment is "heh".

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