Thursday, November 4, 2010

The thing they're forgetting..... that many people view climate change as an economic issue.

(Why the election wasn’t a referendum on climate change (and why the press flubbed the story), Andrew Restuccia, American Independent)
Exit polls indicate that jobs and the economy were the top issues on the minds of voters on Tuesday when they trotted off to the polls. While climate change and energy issues played a role in a number of campaigns — with environmentalists running advertisements in key districts criticizing Republican candidates for their support of drilling, for example, and praising other candidates for their environmental records — at least one poll shows that it was not a key issue for voters.
This theory only works if you think most Americans separate Cap and Trade from the economy, since that question wasn't asked (Whether or not the respondent viewed Cap n' Trade as an economic or environmental issue) the results they're touting are useless.

Plus, 27% of respondents said they opposed "Nancy Pelosi's agenda" which includes (you guessed it) Cap and Trade legislation.

Just another of the many stories by news-ish organizations that masquerade as straight news while all the time being de-facto op-ed pieces for progressive issues. Anyone who's trying to separate Cap and Trade from the economy is either naive, intellectually dishonest, or a little of both. (In hindsight, like the Red Light camera supporters who assured us it "It wasn't about the money, it's all about safety." Sure it is....)

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