Friday, November 5, 2010

The Noise Machine (11/05/2010)

Will he or won't he?

Rest in Peace Rep. Kuempel. Condolences and thoughts go out to his friends and family.

Burnout translated to mean "Hey, they said I'd get to see how cartoons are made."

Good to see that The Apple Dumpling Gang is back on form. It really shouldn't bother you that the editorial board for the biggest political blog in Houston's largest city is terrible. The old saw about no expectations coming to mind....

What if Tom Delay skates? As many expect he will?

I still can't figure this one out: Wouldn't it make sense that Congress members on regulatory committee's have some experience and contacts in the industries they're regulating?

Post mortems....Or, what the media does best, coming in after the fact and telling people what they should have done after things go wrong.

He might run, he might not. One thing is certain we're all going to be just as fed up with it as he is by the time this is over.

I don't think Perry ever said "Hate" Reject, distrust maybe but never 'hate'. That seems to be a media creation.

Of COURSE they found a bag of uncounted ballots for Ortiz. It was only 7, but would you be all that surprised if more turned up?

It's official, The Tea Party has been co-opted by the Republican Party. Specifically, they've become a new branch of the values voters. What a shame.

So, Keith Olbermann is a Democratic donor. Who, really is surprised by this? (It is mildly amusing considering his over-the-top wailing against NewsCorp's Republican donations.)

State political reporting 101: Get quotes from Burka and Stein, throw in a Democratic consultant and call it a day. You'd think there were other Democratic voices out there, but they're not on speed-dial I'm guessing? (The State's political media needs as much of an overhaul as the Texas Democratic Party.)

And finally......

Just in case you were wondering where all those championship t-shirts for the losing team goes....Now you know. (This means there are thousands of people World Wide who believe the Astros were World Series champions in 2005.)

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