Sunday, November 7, 2010

Just like Democrats.....

....Texas Republicans just can't help themselves. Win an election, go away from what got you there and focus on social issues. This has happened before so I'm assuming it should come as no surprise.

What's sad is there are real financial issues that Republicans need to deal with.

Why do I have a feeling that while the financial situation in Texas is blowing up, Republicans will have their equivalent of the Democrat-led steroid in baseball hearings focusing on creationism in schools, or making the phrase "Pro choice Republican" a thing of the past?

Of course, there's nothing that says a social-issues Republican can't be a fiscal conservative at the same time, but there's nothing that says a liberal social-issues Republican can't be either. This will be forgotten in the fight over making sure one is ideologically pure.

Chin-up Democrats, there's hope for you yet.

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