Monday, November 8, 2010

The Noise Machine (11/08/2010)

Better late than never....

Want to see how your elected representatives are voting? There's an app for that. (Would like to see said app for Android phones)

Just what is a Conservative anyway? (For that matter, what is a liberal? Or a progressive? Political labels are meaningless when stands on issues fluctuate with "what does my party want me to do?")

It seems that Latino voters gave a lift to the GOP this last election cycle. Square that one with the political rhetoric.

Following their completely lack-luster coverage before the race (which included the laziest man in the world not finding him on Google and another reporter mis-spelling his name) ChronBlog offers a 'make-right' piece to Jack Morman.

Speaking of Garcia, her loss cost her more than just her elected position. Her leadership roles in various political groups is gone as well.

And so it begins....It will be time to see if Rick Perry was telling the truth when he said the Arizona immigration bill was wrong for Texas, because Riddle's bill is almost a carbon copy.

Bi-Partisanship is good especially when it's used to prevent laws meant for adults to be too-harshly applied to kids.

They still don't get it. And the beat in the State Senate goes on. (It's easy to do whatever you want to do when there's almost a 0% chance you'll be voted out.)

This is good news for the Trib whose reporting was in desperate need for editing. It will be interesting to see if a lefty editor from a lefty publications is able to improve some of the glaring errors at that shop. (I'm not expecting much, after all, he and Evan share tastes in eye wear.)

It's always funny to see sour grapes in action. Jason Stanford is an angry man. Maybe Chris Bell will give him some of his windfall and that will make him feel better?

And finally......

How bad has it gotten for Big Labor? Bad enough that they're having to result to puff-pieces ran in news-ish sites assuring Democrats that the disastrous election would have been even worse if not for them. That's pretty bad.

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