Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Noise Machine (11/10/10)

OK Look....

Imagine that, a call for the Tea Parties to reach out to minorities is being initially dismissed by white Republicans. (see the comments) is forwarding some of the best discussion on various issues in the Republican party today. It's a shame more people don't know about it.

Hearing that a new quasi-governmental agency has been created to oversee the "amateur" portion of the Dynamo sports stadium makes me happy that Houston's budget problems, crime-lab issues, police shortage and infrastructure issues have all been addressed. Wait.....What?

Why I think Tom Delay is going to skate courtesy of R.G. Ratcliffe from ChronBlog:
Prosecutors in the political money-laundering case against former U.S. Rep. Tom DeLay are relentlessly building a circumstantial case, but as the sixth day of testimony ended Tuesday, they still had not directly linked DeLay to the alleged scheme.

You'd think a position this important would deserve tougher press scrutiny than the typically ChronBlog "Puff" special". You'd be wrong apparently.

A preview of the Democratic response to pretty much everything this Lege session. In summary: "The Republicans are (insert derogatory statement {or mild vulgarity} here)" (The thing is, I tend to agree with them re: "tough" anti-illegal immigrant legislation, it's just that they're not offering up thoughtful legislation either. Both parties are approaching the issue from the standpoint of political gain, not strength of the Country.)

More attacks on conservative government policy by so-called conservatives. Someone in the Republican leadership needs to remind Mr. Patrick why that rule was put in place to begin with. (Conservatism 101 would be a good place to start.)

And Texas and Nebraska shall lead them? Go figure.

Obsession typically makes for bad political journalism.

It appears the election is not "quite" over. At least not until the courts have had their say right?

Odessa GOP head Tisha Crow admits to minor election violations. At this point I just want to say........"No Relation".

Rick Perry vs. Social Security. The thing is: He's right. Some just don't want to admit the problems.

Speaking of Perry's book: this is why journalism is dying. Weak attempts at humor masking thinly veiled partisan shots all of which offer nothing of consequence to the reader. (Kind of like this blog really. The difference being I'm unpaid and reading this is free.)

And finally.....

And here we go again..... Expect there to be much wailing and gnashing of teeth about contract terms being upheld.

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