Sunday, November 14, 2010

Katy Fresh Market Closes its doors.

You won't find it on their web-site but this past weekend was the last for the Katy Fresh Market, who blamed slow business and poor farmer crops (a result of the recent drought) and difficulties receiving stock as among the reasons they were closing.

The wife went there on Saturday morning (I was not feeling well that morning and stayed home unfortunately) and said the shelves were almost bare. All they had left were a few onions, some potatoes and a few tomatoes left on the shelves. For the first time in several months we purchased most of our produce from HEB.

Too bad. The staff at the Market gave hints that their might be an attempt to come back in the Spring, but that would depend on the willingness of the financial backers to fund what has, so far, been sluggish consumer response.

It's back to Georgia's and the various Farmer's Markets around town for us I guess. Or a heavier reliance on HEB's organics.*

*There's nothing wrong with HEB's organic section mind you, except that it's somewhat limited. The quality of the produce there is typically pretty good.

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