Sunday, November 14, 2010

Or maybe the issue is overblown?

First we hear that A new law to prevent discrimination passed last year has resulted in.....absolutely ZERO indictments or convictions. Most of us would conclude that, possibly, such a law was a solution in search of a problem and wasn't needed. If, however, you were an activist, the problem is with the law itself, specifically that it was written in a manner that didn't catch enough people who.....well, it just didn't catch people OK?

Then we hear that an "unexpectedly small" crowd turned out for a summit that was offering "solutions" to bullying. Again, with no attendance one might assume that that the problem is not as prevalent as experts would have us to believe. Unfortunately, the problem dear reader, is probably going to be that UH or someone else just didn't do enough to promote the summit or that people were afraid if they attended someone would bully them? A more likely scenario is that most people realize that much of what's going to be done about bullying is not going to be done in an auditorium talking to the editor of a magazine and other academics.

Until then, expect these mini tempests in teapots to continue to boil.

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