Monday, November 1, 2010

The Noise Machine (11/01/2010)

This is the new thing (later than the old thing)

(AKA: The election is imminent edition.)

The Republican Battle Cry.

The Democratic Battle Cry

Ouch! (Gotta watch those little dogs.) In all seriousness, I'm glad it wasn't that bad. Get well soon Commissioner Garcia.

Kudos to Beverly Kaufmann, the DOJ signed off on the election plan. After the fire that was some hard work on the part of many people.

It's looking so bad for Democrats that now their officials are using vulgarities. Nothing says "vote for us" than vaguely homophobic slams to the political opposition.

I thought there was serious political ground that could have been tilled by the Bill White Campaign over the Texas business tax. Under-performing, unpopular....and almost totally ignored. (Of course, White's solution would have been to increase the tax, which would have lost him votes.)

So, White's election eve argument is that Rick Perry is too ambitious? Campaign FAIL.

Meanwhile, Perry turns positive as it looks more and more to be all academic at this point.

Here's a thought.....Voter fraud and voter suppression go hand in hand. Odd that each party is only concerned with one while totally ignoring the other. (That they're each concerned about the opposite ones shouldn't be surprising.)

Ooops. I'm reminded of something regarding glass houses and stones.

Party journalism 101: Write a series of articles calling a group "controversial". Once that narrative is established....continue to refer to the group that you've made "controversial" through coordinated, newsish articles that are parroted by the party blogger noise machine.

Abby Rapaport desperately needs an editor, and a lesson in proper identification of partisan groups. (That said, she's a good fit at the Democratic-leaning (and funded) Texas Observer. News-ish is her specialty, not news.)

Why the Houston Press should stop doing politics example # 145,754. WOW that's bad.

If Thibaut and Vo lose or, more likely, just Thibaut, liberal heads are going to pop. (On the bright side, it could be entertaining, much like after Obama was elected and the Republicans popped.)

Evan on Why he thinks the Republicans are going to pick up 70...that's right 70 Congressional seats in tomorrow's election.

And finally....

What if Obama's Health Insurance Regulation was doing exactly what it was designed to? Scary thought.

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