Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Noise Machine (11/04/2010)

Get your coffee ready

Nothing like a Speaker's race to get the blood flowing. A disputed, controversial speaker's race at that.

From zeroes to heroes? Suddenly the Texas congressional delegation is expected to have clout again.....

With Sessions and Cornyn expected to lead the charge.

It's good to be out in front of a movement, as opposed to lagging behind a movement. As said above, Texas should find this out in the coming years.

One thing about such a big win by one party, it's hard to avoid talks of a mandate. In Texas, there certainly is a conservative mandate, Nationwide? It will be easy for the Republicans to overreach.

Conservative or not the next Lege session is going to be a doozy. What with budget short-falls and a restive populace it my be a good time to buy stock in Grecian.

And what do Republicans have to thank for their huge win? The straight party ballot option for one.

And rookies will lead them. Not a bad "get to know" piece by the Tribune. (Speaking of, I wondered why their election coverage was lacking, it appears to be related to web gremlins. Suck.)

It may be good to be the king, but it's not so good to be linked to the Prez. Edward's VP dalliance damaged him.

Uh Oh You know what "no concession" means.....

Those, civil, professional Democrats, you know the one's who's supporters regularly use vulgarities and issue veiled threats to their political opposition? Yeah, them. (Newspapers seem to be at a loss right now don't they?)

As if on cue: A "sky is falling" news analysis piece from two of ChronBlog's Austin bureau reporters. Watching the print media come to terms with these election results is going to be entertaining. (The key is to bash, without appearing that you're bashing. It's not that easy to do.)

Don't count out Red Light cameras just yet. My favorite complaint is the revenue loss one. Because remember, RLC's were all about safety. Except when they weren't.

There are already rumors that the $5 per month residential drainage fee number was a low-ball. Once schools and non-profits are excluded by ordinance residents will have to pick up the short-fall. (I've heard that it's been decided your water service can be cut if you don't pay whatever the fee will ultimately be. Plus, the "opt-out" feature will go-away. Did anyone "read the bill?")

and finally.....

Perry's not going to Disneyland, he's hitting the road for his book tour. I shouldn't, but I find myself wanting to read the thing. If, for nothing else, the entertainment aspect.

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