Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Election leftovers

Damage control.

If you listen to Texas Democrats, Obama did it. That's the story of Sylvia Garcia and Jim Dunnam and by golly they're sticking to it. Dunnam went so far as to say there's no Texas voter dissatisfaction with Democratic policies in Austin. I'm not sure if that's true (Bill White's anti-oil policies probably brought some blow-back for example), but Republican voters are a much more Nationally minded set then are their Democratic counterparts so it's probably 90% true. Of course, then Garcia went and ruined it by playing the race card. I don't see that as being a valid cause in her former precinct.

Don't look now, but the Republicans have gone and elected them a few minority representatives. Welcome to the early 20th century Republicans. Elect a few more and pretty soon you'll be caught up with the rest of us.

This is kind of a big deal. Now that the election is over those who won the job are looking down the barrell of huge budget shortfalls in almost every level of government. Yes, there's a structural debt problem but there's also a structural spending problem in State government. Both of those need to be addressed and addressed soon. I've no doubt the Republicans will try and put another band-aid on the spending problem, but I can't see them having the strength of will to approach the revenue issue with any seriousness. Let's hope I'm wrong.

As impressive as GOP gains were in Congress, they were even more impressive in Statehouses across the country. Texas was no different. Republicans picked up an unthought of 22 new seats Tuesday, still dominate every statewide office and have control of the Senate. Democrats in Texas have been reduced to a very small minority. All they have left is the filibuster, here's hoping that doesn't go away anytime soon for political expediency.

Speaking of the Texas House. You're ready for the next campaign for Speaker right? In the matter of Chisum vs. Straus I put Straus as a small favorite. I truly hope he wins because Chisum doesn't strike me as leadership material.

Last but not least....

I find little disagreeable in what Joel Kotkin said.

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