Wednesday, November 3, 2010

In the matter of California vs. Texas

California is making a lot of noise but Texas Is quietly winning all of the battles.

In real, measurable metrics (job growth, unemployment rate, cost of living) Texas is way ahead of California, forcing the Left coast to invent metrics (over most of which they have no control: climate, etc.) proving them to still have a chance.

Of course, if they were so great they wouldn't be bleeding jobs and citizens. Nice climate, nice place to visit, about to become impossible to live in.

I have to say I'm not real enamored with the idea of AG Abbott and other's filing a lawsuit (on behalf of big oil) against this law. If California wants to put worthless emissions caps (which will be ignored through the purchase of 'waivers', which will increase State revenue, which is what this is all about) on plants then so be it. Let California's residents pay 5 times the going rate for gas and gasoline. In other words: Let the market decide.


Some Californians are trying to make their votes out as wiser than the rest of the country. That works unless you consider that, in 2001, Cali Democrats pushed through the mother of all incumbent protection plans. The failure to understand where exactly the value of a vote was lost is not the height of intelligence. No matter how many times you try and convince yourself of such. Texas needs to guard against that in this next bout of re-districting. Republicans can do just as poorly as Democrats after all.

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